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Our conservation initiative seeks to protect the land and sea in Piñas, and to reinstall a sense of pride and respect for the land within the local inhabitants. Education will create an increased understanding of why this approach needs to be taken, with understanding leading to true adoption of this ethos.
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With your support, we can create foundations that will remain standing for generations to come. Investing in education and training programs to empower the community and to give them access to the resources that they need while preserving their culture and traditions.
More modern farming techniques and permaculture is key to sustainability in the village of Piñas. Education will be at the center of this program, providing the community with the tools that they need to empower themselves through agriculture and the opportunity that it can bring.
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This initiative seeks to provide essential infrastructure improvements to the village of Bahia Piñas, allowing the community to feel safe and well taken care of when it comes to basic human needs. We aim to put to rest concerns of improper sanitation and lack of clean water.
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Provide the people with Piñas, who are of great faith, with a place to practice their religious beliefs with pride, and to congregate with other people in the community who share their beliefs.