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Agriculture Initiative


More modern farming techniques and permaculture is key to sustainability in the village of Piñas. Education will be at the center of this program, providing the community with the tools that they need to empower themselves through agriculture and the opportunity that it can bring.


This initiative, researched and developed by environmental scientists, seeks to create community resilience and a renewed sense of pride in the village of Piñas through sustainable agricultural development.

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A well-researched permaculture program would be a substantial turning point for the community of Piñas. It would allow the community to have access to high quality food sourced from the land, which is imperative due to the remote location of the village. The community is limited to what they can find in the area, which is why it is so important to develop the land to create provisions for the people. High quality food will improve the health and wellness of the people in the village, and create an increased quality of life. Beyond creating a sustainable food source in the village, this program will also create a new industry in Piñas, providing the opportunity for increased economic activity and a more stable community. With the right team in place, there is opportunity to scale this project to a point where farmers in the village become suppliers to Tropic Star Lodge. With an average of around 1500 guests a year, and 3 meals a day, the economic opportunity that will arise from this alone is unimaginable for a community that has only ever had minor economic activity. The creation of this self-sustained industry will be the greatest economic opportunity to be given to the village since its inception.


Without focus on conservation, the promise of the land will be depleted. As one of the last untouched rainforests on earth, protection of the Darien is imperative, and without the correct education, this becomes compromised. Lack of economic opportunity has the potential to create desperation amongst the community, which poses the risk of land degradation.

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