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Conservation Initiative


Conservation and protection of the land is essential for defending this pristine area of the Darien Rainforest. Education is vital to ensure protection lasts for generations to come.


Our conservation initiative seeks to not only protect the land and sea in Piñas and the surrounding area, but also to reinstall a sense of pride and respect for the land within the local inhabitants. Education will create an increased understanding of why this approach needs to be taken, with understanding leading to true adoption of this ethos.

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Structured reforestation will allow us to preserve the natural ecosystem found within the heart of this pristine land – protecting the wildlife that call it home. Ensuring that the jungle is preserved will also protect the ocean, because while destroying rainforests has dire consequences above the land, the root systems below land and the resulting release of soil into the ocean can have harmful consequences in our waters too.


Without focus on conservation, the promise of the land will be depleted. As one of the last untouched rainforests on earth, protection of the Darien is imperative, and without the correct education, this becomes compromised. Lack of economic opportunity has the potential to create desperation amongst the community, which poses the risk of land degradation.
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