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Education Initiative

Due to the remote location of Puerto Piñas, access to a quality education is extremely limited. The government school in the village requires significant structural improvement, and the standard of education needs immense support. Our education initiative aims to improve the quality of education in Piñas Bay, as well as to create a place where young children can be taught vital foundations that will create a lasting impact in their lives, and in the lives of their families.

Estrellitas del Mar School

The goal of this project is provide the young children of Piñas with the resources that they need to tap into their future potential, creating a lifelong path for success. The foundations set by a high quality of education will help uplift the entire community, empowering children to discover their passions and talents, igniting hope and cultivating the confidence needed to embrace future opportunities.

Without investment in education and growth, opportunity becomes stifled, communities become complacent, and hope is lost. Vital life skills are left undeveloped, making forging forward in the harsh world of today an immense challenge. Potential remains capped, and talent remains undiscovered.

Donor Support and Impact

With your support, we can fund the much-needed private school in the village. Although the school has already built the facilities needed for the kindergarten, we require support to cover annual running costs. Beyond this, our intention is to grow the school with the children, adding classes each year. In order to do this, we need the funding to not only expand the physical location of the school, but to also expand the necessary resources.


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