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Community Initiative

The community of Piñas is made up of humble, hardworking people who take great pride in their village. Unfortunately, with the location being so remote, there are certain day-to-day needs that are incredibly challenging to meet. The Piñas Bay Conservancy, alongside key partners, aims to empower the people within this community to unlock their full potential, through ongoing improvements and projects.

With your support, we can create foundations that will remain standing for generations to come. With your support, we can create foundations that will remain standing for generations to come.

Infrastructure Improvement

The goal of this project is to provide essential infrastructure improvements to the village of Bahia Piñas, allowing the community to feel safe and well taken care of when it comes to basic human needs. Through the success of this initiative, serious issues with the village infrastructure can be addressed, putting to rest concerns of improper sanitation and lack of clean water.

This initiative will allow us to allocate funds to enlarging the village dam, where water shortage is a major problem during the summer months. The dry season in Panama sees no rain for five months – the village dam is the only source of water for the village during this time. Beyond that, we also aim to fund garbage management solutions, a sanitation plan and recycling program – critical for the future health and sustainability of the village.

Donor Support and Impact

With your support, we can ensure that the community of Piñas has access to safe, clean drinking water, especially during the months of the dry season, and that their community is kept clean and free of the harmful diseases that spread in environments with insufficient sanitation and waste management.

An improper village infrastructure can lead to a whole host of health and safety issues, and in this case, even a lack of essential resources such as water. They also lead to the deterioration of pride amongst village inhabitants. It is imperative that we seek the support needed to maintain existing infrastructure, and aid in the restoration of critical community services.

Church Program

This program aims to provide the people with Piñas, who are of great faith, with a place to practice their religious beliefs with pride, and to congregate with other people in the community who share their beliefs. 

Our goal is to build a community church, as well as a 1-bedroom apartment for the village priest, an office, and a youth classroom.

Building this communal religious space will help the community feel more spiritually fulfilled, content and settled within the community, as an important basic need is being met. Churches are known to form a great foundation within the community they belong to – creating a sense of belonging and a support for members.

Donor Support and Impact

With your support, we can provide the community with a church to congregate and share in faith, giving them room to grow with God and their community.

Without a place to congregate, Church-based communities can feel disjointed. It is important that people have a safe place to practice their religious beliefs, otherwise there is a risk of people in the community feeling isolated, and spiritually unfulfilled.



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