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Our Mission

The Piñas Bay Conservancy works hand in hand with community of Bahía Piñas to protect, preserve, and empower the village through youth education and training programs, infrastructure improvements, and education and implementation of sustainable agriculture and land preservation. 

Our Vision

This vision of the Piñas Bay Conservancy is to empower the community through education, training, and improvements to infrastructure by giving them access to maximize their potential by the sustainability of their community while preserving their culture, traditions, and land. 

Tropic Star's Commitment

With deep ties to the community of Bahia Pinas and surrounding areas, Tropic Star Lodge’s commitment to the community is paramount. Tropic Star Lodge has relied on the people of Pinas to provide guests with unforgettable fishing experiences. Fishery and ocean conservation is not only vital to Tropic Star Lodge but also to the survival of the communities that dot our coastline where fishing is a way of life. The symbiotic relationship between the village of Pinas and Tropic Star Lodge, one that has spanned 57 years, is critical to the success of Lodge and for the village to thrive. This opportunity to empower the community and conserve resources for future generations is the clear and natural path forward. Tropic Star Lodge is committed to being a protector of Pinas by supporting the work of the Pinas Bay Conservancy through community programs, education, infrastructure improvements, reforestation and agriculture programs, and conservancy of the land and culture.

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