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Together we can leave a legacy.

Together we can protect and empower the village of Piñas. We can leave a legacy by creating a thriving community, preserving traditions and culture and building a sustainable future.

Together we can empower the village of Piñas to reach their full potential

Education, training and improvement to Village infrastructure is essential to empower the community, and to give them access to the resources that they need to reach their full potential. With your help, we can create foundations that will remain standing for generations to come.

Together we can protect and preserve this remote paradise

There are very few places on earth with the natural beauty and biodiversity of Bahía Piñas. Flora and fauna, wildlife, and an abundance of marine life thrive in this unique haven, where the mighty Pacific meets the Darien rainforest. Join us in our effort to preserve this pristine land through conservation of both land and see.

A remote village powered by tourism

As the only formal business in the district, the village relies on tourism that Tropic Star brings. Even those who are not employed by the Lodge have the opportunity to make an income through the sale of their handmade crafts. In addition to regular outreach efforts from Tropic Star, past guests often time become generous donors. Combined efforts continue to set the foundation for education, infrastructure and conservation initiatives. 

The world-famous Tropic Star Lodge, sustained by Piñas

Since its inception, Tropic Star Lodge has relied  on the people of Piñas to provide guests with unforgettable fishing experiences. Through training and experience, some of the best fishing Captains and Mates in the world now hail from the humble Village of Bahia Piñas, along with many other important employees that have made Tropic Star what it is today.

An untouched paradise where two worlds become one

Bahía Piñas is a remote location in the Darien Province of Panama. With no roads for 100 miles, this unique part of the earth is home to the Village of Piñas, and Tropic Star Lodge – two worlds that could not be more different, but over the years, have become one in the same.

An unbreakable bond strengthened over 60 years

The symbiotic relationship between the village of Piñas and Tropic Star Lodge is one that spans decades. With each passing year, the bond continues to grow – and the opportunity to empower the community and conserve the area grows with it. 


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